Youth Ministry

Welcome to our vibrant youth ministry at RCCG VH Parish, Geneva! Our youth ministry is a dynamic community where young people throughout the Geneva Canton can grow in their faith, develop meaningful friendships, and make a positive impact in the world around them. We believe in providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where every young person feels valued and supported on their spiritual journey.

At RCCG VH Parish Geneva, we offer a variety of engaging programs and activities tailored to the unique needs and interests of our youth. From weekly gatherings filled with inspiring worship and relevant teaching to fun events like retreats, summer camps, Youth Sunday Service, and community service projects. There is always something exciting happening in our youth ministry. Our dedicated team of youth leaders is passionate about mentoring and equipping young people to live out their faith with courage and conviction.

Above all, our youth ministry is committed to helping young people encounter the life-transforming love of Jesus Christ. We believe that by fostering authentic relationships, empowering young leaders, and providing opportunities for spiritual growth and service, we can equip the next generation to be powerful agents of change in our church, our community, and beyond.

Come join us as we journey together in faith, hope, and love!