Teenagers Church

This is The Victory House Glorious Teens Church – WE are happy to have you here!

WE Teens are part of the wonderous creatures of God, divided between being babies that needs to be catered for or full fledge adults that knows what is required per time. Issues with hormonal rush still somewhat makes us question a lot of things and the need for direction is quite important. We welcome you and your teenage child(ren) to our church where we give goodly and Godly advice, managing the overall being of being us without any attending drama. We give room for expression, creating ample space for discovery and growth in all aspects of our lives. Just as its written in Acts 2:17 that our young men will see visions based on the outpouring of the spirit of God, we are now even nudged further to write these visions down and make it very plain for execution to and for His Glory – Habakkuk 2:2.

What we stand for:

We are here to break the solid word of God down into very simple and understandable format for easy assimilation and comprehension of the teens, helping in their journey of spiritual growth and coming into better understanding of who they are, who they represent and the best way to portray themselves in this sinful world. Truly, the joy of the Lord is really our strength and we continually show forth His goodness. We are not shy to proclaim His goodness, we are always ready to be soldiers for Christ.

Equipping Future Leaders

One of our key missions is to prepare and empower the next generation of leaders. The Junior church is that conducive environment where talents are grown and the kids are groomed to horn their skills, get deep in the things of the spirit leading them to become rooted and fearless leaders for Christ. The clarity and the in-depth belief to teach, equip and nurture the younger generation is rife in our DNA and in our disposition to life. That base fact of the need to train up the children in the way of the Lord that when they grow up they would not depart from it – Proverbs 22:6.

Strength and Inspiration

Knowing fully well how this our current environment had been proliferated with a lot of falsehood coated interestingly as truth, we ensure that the teens draw their inspiration for life from a place of genuine purity, where their strength for discernment is sharpened and constantly having their antennae tuned to that frequency that is ever sure. They are taught to be able to boldly stand up what is always right and be wise enough to know when to let go of some discuss and discussions that would not lead to the edification of Christ.

Our Activities

We engage in several activities joining our forces with children the world over. We are connected to several programs within the Europe Continental Region and even encourage ourselves to participate in international activities.

We are sectioned in a well tutored age grades, ensuring deep understanding with corresponding illustration of the depth and the might of our Lord and savior. We dedicate a full class to the Teenagers as we know that they are that bridge from childhood to adulthood, we know that if we get it right with them at this stage, it would be a lot easier to rest assured that they have that bright and blossoming future ahead of them.

Entrust Your Child With Us

Giving adequate doses in measured and managed format to the children is our forte, we have well-structured curriculum inspired by the Holy Spirit, we are ready to welcome your child(ren) into our fold soon. For more information and to get in touch with us, please visit the contact details provided on our homepage. We look forward to welcoming you and particularly your children into our family of faith, love, and purpose.