Men Ministry

We, like-minded Christian brothers of RCCG VH Men’s Fellowship have organized ourselves into a group commonly known as the “Men’s Fellowship”. We are fully aware of our responsibilities as Christians desiring to promote the interests of our members, desiring to trust and enjoy the fellowship of one another. Therefore, we are collectively committed and guided by a deep sense of biblical justice and honesty, and individually committed to excellence in performance. We are also collectively dedicated to promoting the unity, progress and strength of our Church and our members.


Our Motto

To promote good membership relations that foster godly love, cohesiveness and solidarity; and to encourage members to be good, law abiding Christians.

Goal & Core Purpose

Our main desire is for everyone to know Jesus. This goes beyond just knowing about Jesus or following his teachings, but actually walking with the living God in true fellowship. We want to help all people, especially men, to discover they can have this relationship with God irrespective of their past experiences.

Programs & Activities

In order promote membership, Christian service and the progress of the Church, we engage in the following programs: Bible Study and Reading, Prayer Meetings, Talks, Prayer Retreats, Evangelism and Visitation We encourage all men in the RCCG VH Geneva Parish Congregation to join the Men’s Fellowship!